Our new website Posted By Doug Morton on Thursday, 06 April 2017

As many of you probably know by now, Nola Meiring and I decided about a year ago to join forces in the bewildering and challenging world of photography.   There’s a good deal of overlap in our skills and interests but there’s also much to be gained by combining the strengths that we don’t both have in our arsenals.
The result is Photo Finesse Africa.
The association was fairly loose to begin with, sharing stands on exhibitions like the Hilton Arts Festival and the All Saints Church Festival, but it became evident very quickly that these were not good vehicles for photography sales.   Galleries and shops, too, have yielded no results worth mentioning.   The decision was then made to formalise the agreement by establishing a combined website in the name of Photo Finesse Africa as a means of publicising our work both locally and internationally.    What you see on your screen right now is that first step.
Welcome to Photo Finesse Africa.    This website will soon contain the images that we believe to be our best work, and we invite you to call in from time to time as new material will be introduced as we go along.   We’re hoping to reach as wide an audience as possible, and that’s where you all come into the picture, as it were.   The growth of an enterprise such as ours relies as much on word-of-mouth as on anything else, and you will all be our ambassadors.   Thank you.
The site also contains a Blog Page, and from time to time there will be posts illustrating our activities and, hopefully, achievements.   Please keep watching.   We’re both very pleased about having reached this stage in our endeavours, and intend to make this site interesting and enjoyable.

Nola and Doug


What an exciting undertaking with so much positive potential. I wish you both well and will watch with pleasure and anticipation.

By Deb Williams on April 7, 2017

So pleased to see you up and running, and I wish both of you much excitement, success and happiness with Photo Finess Africa. I'll be watching!

By Bob Morton on April 9, 2017

Love the new website and I for one am looking forward to joining the two of you on your photographic journey. Well done.

By Allan Bower on April 11, 2017