The World of the Camera

The world of the camera I’ve always been fascinated at the way an inanimate object is able to capture a moment, creating evidence of a memory – a birthday, a holiday, a pet’s antics, a growing child or an ageing parent. While these memories are embedded in our minds, there is nothing like a photograph to breathe life back… Read more

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A time for aloes

Aloe Time Nola and I have spent some time in the past years photographing aloes in the places we’ve visited in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands. Aloes occur from the beaches of the eastern seaboard through the well watered areas into the inhospitable arid places in the Karroo, Botswana and Namaqualand. A good number of species are closely bound to climatic regions… Read more

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Jewel in the Midlands

Jewel in the Midlands We all grew up believing that jewels, especially diamonds, are forever. Mostly that’s true, but only when talking about precious stones. There are other jewels around us, places and things that have a beauty that seems permanent, that have taken great effort and dedication to create and so will be nurtured and looked after for… Read more

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Our new website

As many of you probably know by now, Nola Meiring and I decided about a year ago to join forces in the bewildering and challenging world of photography. There’s a good deal of overlap in our skills and interests but there’s also much to be gained by combining the strengths that we don’t both have in our arsenals. The… Read more

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Behind the Dam

“Have you ever been to Thurlow?” I asked my photographer friend Nola. “Never heard of it,” was her reply. “Where is it, and what’s there?” “It’s behind the dam,” I said, “and there’s not much there this time of year, but it’s still worth a look.” The ‘dam,’ is Midmar Dam, near Howick in Kwazulu-Natal, and Thurlow is a nature… Read more

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A day around Spioenkop

The starting time of three forty-five made Hugh hesitate just a little, and Nola said she needed a confirmation wake-up call at three, but they both agreed on leaving early. The target area was Spioenkop, looking at the scenery, visiting Spionkop Lodge to see Raymond Heron, trying to find Lee and Claire Fuller at Tugela River Lodge, and a visit… Read more

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A day in the Karkloof Valley

The trip was arranged at fairly short notice, and it seemed that just the three musket ears would make it as the rest of the world had opted to spend the day at Shongweni Dam. With just a few days to go I contacted Mo McCann and Grant Fryer. Mo and Karon decided to come along, but Grant had other… Read more

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Beautiful Benvie

On the South-East facing slopes of the Karkloof hills in Kwazulu-Natal lies a property that I'm certain is unique in South Africa. Benvie is cloaked in the natural and exotic forests of the central Midlands of the province, and were it not for the fact that it features each year as an “open garden” for the spring-time Garden Show in… Read more

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