Time, movement, light, shape and context captured and frozen forever.
A photograph may be purely a record of a person, an animal, a place, a scene, an object or an event, creating a very specific piece of history that will survive the assault of the years and the ravages of fading memory.
A photograph may be a beautiful, profound work of art, the product of the photographer’s eye and instincts, choices, tastes and preferences as if being laid out on a canvas and easel.   It may be what the camera saw, or it could be what the photographer saw.   It may be realistic or deeply abstract, it may contain and flaunt its own or assumed colours or even leave behind the world of colour to embrace the drama of black and white.   It may change its context, escape from its time and place of capture into the endlessly variable space of photographic art that reaches out to the senses of the observer.
Sometimes, of course, it can be both.
Photo Finesse Africa is the vehicle for our look through the lens at the world around us.   Take your seat and journey with us as we focus your attention upon the beauty of Africa, its people, its flora and fauna, the large and little things that are your world and ours.
Bon voyage.


Dear Doug, I wish you much success wherever your endeavor will take you. By the way, your cover is staggering. Wow! Take care and regards, Jeffrey

By Jeffrey Lazarow on April 7, 2017

Stunning photo and very interesting introductory explanation. Wishing you both all the best in this exciting new venture, where your enjoyment becomes ours too.

By Deb Williams on April 7, 2017

Great picture. Hope something rewarding - besides your personal satisfaction - comes out of this.

By Don Mchardy on April 8, 2017

Great site! Hope it works wonders for you!

By Di Turner on April 19, 2017


By Emma Rose on February 28, 2018

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